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We rebuild all 3 manufactures engines in diesel pickups. It is all done in-house for the best quality control possible. I install brand new injectors in every motor I build period, both of which have a warranty. With everything being done in-house it makes it easier for the customer to change or add parts as they wish during a build.

During headgasket jobs we will magnaflux/pressure test each and every head to look for cracks then machine the surface, check valve to seat seal, and valve/valve guide wear and valve spring pressures. We always go back together with premium gaskets and ARP studs.

We build a lot of Allison 5 and 6 speed transmissions in both stock and race form, 5 to 6 speed conversions, with options on pan size, cooler size, lock up aggressiveness, and every built Allison comes with an EFI Live tcm tune! Dodge automatics is basically the same story option-wise and a better cooler is highly recommended.

We have the capability to rebuild nv5600 and G56 dodge manuals as well. They are reasonable to fix if you do it as soon as you start hearing the bearing rattle or “play” before any case damage happens, loose input shaft is also a sign of bearing wear.

All EFI Live tunes are built  in-house customized per truck, not email out like the “competitors”. No two trucks run the same which is why I prefer to spend a little more time on the drive ability tuning, getting the truck to come on to power as smooth as possible. I do not charge to do a re-tune do to an additional modification down the road. I also from time to time will change some things in a tune and call and offer the updated one for no cost.

Injectors are the best money that can be spent on a diesel. I have some people who prefer OEM and so that’s what I get them. I prefer Exergy on common rail motors in my opinion they are the smoothest most quiet running injector available and come in any size you could want.

We have a very reasonable price on our tires. We sell and use a Coats changer and a Hunter balancer for the best accuracy possible.

We are set up with the dealer via Repair link. Which means any factory part you might possibly need we can look up, give you instant price, and order right then.

On the performance side of things, we are set up with the biggest and best warehouses in the country for any aftermarket or performance part you need we will get it! So whether you need an OEM interior part or two turbos, two pumps, and a hood stack, we got you covered and appreciate your business.

A few services we provide are:

  • Engine rebuilding , both stock and performance , as well as headgasket repair
  • Allison and Dodge automatic transmission rebuilt in house both stock and performance
  • We also rebuild manual transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases
  • EFI Live custom tuning
  • We have a full line of aftermarket and OEM parts available to us
  • We have a Coats tire changer and Hunter balancer and great deals on tires as well
  • We offer both NEW and reman injectors
  • We have the ability to factory flash or update modules on all 3 makes of diesel pickup